Valentine mug

Sorry for this late valentines post. I recently moved the blog to and just had not gotten around to it yet.


The ingredients

I wanted to make my SO a little present for Valentine. Usually we don’t “do valentine” but I want to thank him for being my rock and being such an amazing dad and buddy. And for not complaining when I’m off for the weekend with my girls during valentine!

So no big gift, but a gift from the heart. Just a little something to say, I DO appreciate you! Even though I don’t always show.


Family practice

Last christmas we made these and they are super easy but also supercute. And I’m surprised how well they withstand the dishwasher. Some of them are used on an daily base and the ink is still like new.


The mug with the stencil


I bought the mugs of the as-is section of Ikea and the porcelain pens at my local hobbyshop. I was trying to chose between the metallic set and the solid colors (both about € 15,00) when I saw a offer of a set of 24 for € 15,00. Just my lucky day, I don’t like to chose!



So back to the valentinemug. My SO is a big carfan and has a weakness for italian beauties (hopefully just in cars) So this is what I came up with.

I made a template of the Alfa logo on my Cricut Explore, and used this to create the logo on the mug.


The finished product

After the design is finished all thats left to do is follow the instructions on the pen. Put your mug in a cold oven en let it heat up to 190 C. Heat it for 1,5 hours and let it cool down and you are ready to go!





Next I made these cute boxes for our boy to give to his classmates in kindergarden for Valentine. He was running around to hand them to his friends and we got a lot of nice reactions!


Sweets for my sweet!


20 Little heartboxes ready to go


So cute!















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