Easter party dress for our little cupcake

A new party dress


Love the sash

A new easter decor calls for a new easter party dress!

Ever since I used part of The Cottage Mama’s Party dress pattern for this dress for the bubble dress challenge I was looking for an opportunity to make a party dress for our little girl.


A nice bow in the back

I already had some checkered fabric ready for the dress when I came across this fabric. I fell straight in love with it and decided to go with it although it was a bit stiff. All i could think was: “But how cute would this cupcake fabric be for a dress for our little cupcake?”

Party Dress

Cute cupcake

You should check out The Cottage Mama facebook group to see what an amazing variety of dresses are made based on the party dress pattern. I added a zipper in the back instead of the buttonloops. It is a fully lined bodice so it was a bit of a puzzle to find out what could be sewn before turning it. I ended up sewing the zipper to one side of the back and then turning it right side out. After that I pinned the other side of the zipper to the other side of the bodice. Like I said it was quit a puzzle. But luckily I got through it without having to rip out any seams.


The final result of the zipperpuzzle

I made a size 2 dress. Because this is still a bit to big I didn’t put the contrasting band on the bottom of the dress. I recon I can still attach it if she has totally grown into it.

I still have some of the fabric left so I think I will make an apron soon.

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