Quick upcycled leather bracelet from a belt

leather bracelet

Let me show you how you can make a quick leather bracelet out of an old belt. I up-cycled this one from an leather belt I found while cleaning out my closet.

Last week I was cleaning out a closet in my attempt to declutter the house when I came across an old leather belt. I never wore it much so it was good as new. I tried it on but it was to snug to wear as a belt. I was about to toss it in the donation pile when I saw it’s potential as a leather bracelet. And as you know I’m a sucker for an up-cycling project. Especially one as quick as this one.

before_leather_bracelet               cutting               new_ending

I wrapped the belt around my wrist a few times to get the right length for the leather bracelet. And cut the new end in a V shape. And there you go a quick leather bracelet up-cycled from an old belt.


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