Spring is coming! How to make string eggs



How to make string eggs

finished string eggs

Ready for easter

Spring is coming! Finally after a long long fall (we didn’t get winter here this year) the sun is coming. Time to get the house Easter ready with string eggs!

This year I wanted to try my hand on the string eggs I have seen in blogland. I thought it would be a fun thing to do with our oldest. He agreed and was picking out colors and spilling ideas where to hang them. And…………. then he was gone the minute he had to touch the gooey string.

supplies for string eggs



  • String, tread or ribbon (anything that will absorb the glue)
  • Wallpaper adhesive/craftglue
  • (Water) balloon



supplies for string eggs

Let the party begin

Prepare your workspace and balloons before you prepare your glue. It will get messy soon enough! I did prepare my workspace upfront but not the balloons.  So the minute I wanted to start the second balloon I had wash my hands before I could prepare it.

supplies for string eggs

All set to go

Now prepare your glue!

Once your glue is ready to go, unwind your string and put it in the glue. Try to make circles when you put your string in, if you just “throw” it in it’s bound to get tangled. Push the string down so it is al covered with glue.

wirering string eggs

Start wrapping

string eggs

Keep wrapping!

Start wrapping your string around your balloon. You can still move it around a bit halfway or when you’re done.

Once you are happy with the result or you run out of string tie your balloons somewhere to let it dry. I used some string to hang them.

string eggs drying

Let them dry

Let the string eggs dry overnight!

Are they totally dry? Now pop the balloon with a needle or knife and watch the balloon shrink. Your balloon might need a little help to come out, some of mine did.

Now you can use the Easter String Eggs to decorate your home. Hang them in an Easter branch of just combine some for a nice spring look.

What do you think about the bunny garland? More on that later.


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