Co-worker coat rack

Making a coat rack with co workers

wooden magazine holder

Magazine holders all ready to go

A few weeks ago I had a workshop with my co-workers at the Family Outlet Pop Up Store in Uitgeest in Holland. If you live nearby you should check out their store. They carry a fun and versatile range of kids clothing, bags any a lot of other stuff you just need to have! Follow them in facebook to be updated on new arrivals.

unfinished coat rack

Measuring for adjustments

For the workshop we had the choice between making a coat rack or a magazine holder. I knew right away that I wanted to make a coat rack. Not the adult size but a kids size. I really needed to declutter our hallway and this was just the perfect project to do so. I had such a great night with my co-workers. I was amazed by the variety in the end results even though the starting point was the same.

Painted coat rack

Painted coat rack

Because I wanted a smaller coat rack we had to make some adjustments in size. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish the coat rack right away because of these adjustments. So the next day I went over to my dad’s house. I shortened the slats, screwed everything together and gave the new cuts a paint job. The coat rack was all ready to go. But ever since it has been lying around in the hallway, ready to be hung. (so much for decluttering right) We just couldn’t decide on actually where and how to hang it.

finished coat rack

It’s finally up!

coat rack

The coat rack in use

Yesterday we finally had the time, appliance and mindset to hang it. And this is the final result. Cute isn’t it? Now we can give decluttering the rest of the house a go. 

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